The Tiki Hideaway

Our Story: The Tiki Hideaway


The Tiki Hideaway is a new concept bar & restaurant in the affluent Myers Park section of Charlotte, NC. It offers a Polynesian Pop experience for those of us who need an instant getaway. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be transported to a time in Americana when everyone wanted a taste of the exotic in their everyday lives.

Tiki HideawayDetailed in every aspect of what is “TIKI”, the space is the latest creation of award winning restaurant designer Brent Baronofsky. Along with longtime collaborative partner and artist Scott Partridge, the two have mid-century modern appointments and one of a kind art featured throughout “The Hideaway”. Setting a new standard for the resurgence of tiki bars throughout the US in the last several years, the space is highlighted by a carved back wall nicknamed the temple of doom with its secret doorways. A giant Tiki stands watch over a diorama of a Hawaiian Lagoon and the bar is built around a ten foot tall Moai that holds fine and rare rums in his gaping, back lit mouth. Guests will also enjoy beach scenes from the south pacific, stylized murals spanning twenty feet, an iconic A-frame thatch roof over their heads and choreographed Hollywood clippings that help kick back and escape. Lightning will flash when a scorpion bowl the size of a foot bath is ordered complete with sets of 18” straws and fresh cut flowers. Soft colored lights and themed music will fill the outdoor Patio as an array of water fountains adds to the atmosphere.

The focus at The Hideaway is not only classic cocktail recipes that date back to pre-prohibition but also on an approach to researching and creating cocktails with ingredients that require nothing short of a PhD. Tiki-phile mixologists are also historians who help re-introduce/adapt centuries old rum punches and apothic shrubs for the cognoscenti in their ranks notes Tiki Hideaway owner Mike Barrea. “While the Mai Tai is celebrating its 70th birthday, it’s even more satisfying to introduce everyone to an obscure colonial recipe that tastes so “current”.

In addition to their signature cocktails and period decor, the Tiki Hideaway completes the experience with great food.

Tiki Hideaway